Catalyzing Sustainable Development

We believe in the power of real estate to evolve culture, support life and generate wealth. To thrive as a society, we must make profitable investments to sustainably grow our cities. We feel responsible to make this happen and view ethical business as the necessary catalyst to make this positive change.


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Do you own property? Are you looking to sell it? We acquire properties at competitive prices, swiftly and ethically. Typically, we work with owners of properties in areas that are conducive to smart growth or are on the verge of transition.

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We partner with private lenders and equity partners who want to invest in one of the most consistently reliable asset classes, real estate. We are committed to providing risk-adjusted returns for our investors, among other benefits.

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We seek to create mutually beneficial partnerships with market players that have complimentary strengths to our own. We source deals and structure partnerships for win-win outcomes with everyone involved.

What we’re about

Smart Growth is an entrepreneurial real estate development and investment firm based in Oakland, California. Our mission is to catalyze sustainable development of residential and commercial properties that enable people to thrive.

We focus on mixed-use, urban infill, and transit oriented projects conducive to smart growth. We are dedicated to renovating and building with high efficiency and smart technology, including the adoption of renewables and especially solar to make net-zero energy buildings the norm. True to our name, the company’s vision is to develop real estate in neighborhoods with appropriate density, high walkability, public transportation and a sense of connection to others and the environment.

Our strategy is to target value-add investments and opportunistic developments that generate risk-adjusted returns for our investors while providing a multitude of benefits for the community at large.

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Learn how to get started in small-scale commercial real estate development that builds wealth and creates impact in society.

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“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Chris Porto and his company Smart Growth as a business partner on a mid-rise development project in Oakland, CA. I appreciate the passion for innovation and sustainable development that Chris brings and his attention to financial details throughout the process.”

“Smart Growth is a trailblazing company that’s been a model for my own business. I’ve been thankful to find a mentor in Chris who shares my values for genuine betterment of society and self. He’s been super generous with great insight, direction, and support on multiple levels. Chris and everyone at Smart Growth are quality people that I plan on finding ways to collaborate with and learn from for many years to come.”

“I have bought and sold dozens of properties. Chris Porto was one of the easier buyers to work with. Despite complex building issues and lengthy financial negotiations the process was efficient, positive and relatively fast. Chris is a dynamic and creative young entrepreneur with great potential.”

Project Types

Single Family

We acquire single family homes that are suitable “fix & flips.” Our projects are typically located in desirable, up-and-coming urban areas, and value-adds can include property expansions, green renovations and high-end design.


We seek value-add multifamily investments and opportunities to develop co-living / co-housing communities. Our objective is to maximize building performance and cultivate sustainable living environments.

Mixed Use

Our mixed-use developments feature residential units above ground floor retail situated close to public transportation. We also pursue redevelopment and adaptive reuse opportunities to enliven neighborhoods.