Work With Us

Property Owners

Acquisitions are integral to our shared success with the people and communities we work with. In our target markets, we purchase residential and commercial properties “as-is” for a competitive price. By redeveloping and/or repurposing properties into their highest and best use, we add incremental value to neighborhoods and communities, while offering owners equitable deals.

What We Acquire:

  1. Properties in need of significant “value-add” improvement*
    • Single family, multifamily, commercial or mixed-use
  2. Properties to demo and build new “smart growth” project
    • Sites in zones which allow higher and better use – Hyperlink to feasibility studies
  3. Vacant urban land conducive to “smart growth” development
    • Urban infill development sites ideally close to transit

“Value add” = Renovations, expansions, use conversions, lot subdivisions, financial underperformance etc.

Our Value Proposition:

  1. We buy “as-is” condition residential and commercial properties for a competitive price
  2. We analyze deals for a quick turnaround, ensuring a quick offer submission
  3. We provide creative deal structuring including partnership opportunities
  4. We can close on your timeline
  5. We do not charge commissions
  6. We can save on closing costs
  7. We have a proven track record

How We Transact:

  1. Property owner contacts us for a value assessment.
  2. We assess physical, financial and legal condition.
  3. We submit a competitive offer within days
  4. Deal parameters are negotiated for a swift escrow close.



“ I have bought and sold dozens of properties.  Chris Porto was one of the easier buyers to work with.  Despite complex building issues and lengthy financial negotiations the process was efficient, positive and relatively fast.  Chris is a dynamic and creative young entrepreneur with great potential.”

– Garrett Riegg, landlord and real estate attorney


Private Investors

We work with our institutional partners and private investors to finance the acquisition and development of our projects. We pride ourselves on providing “risk-adjusted returns” in both the short and long-term depending on the project. We utilize structured finance to find the optimal mix of debt and equity to minimize risk and maximize return for our investors.

Types of Investments:

  • Senior Debt
  • Junior Debt
  • Preferred Equity
  • Common Equity

Types of Investors:

  • Private lenders
  • Private equity partners
  • Public offerings participants*

*We offer public investment opportunities through crowdfunding platforms such as Fundrise and Realtyshares. Democratizing real estate as an investment class is one of our company’s goals. We believe crowdfunding brings greater opportunity for the public to be involved in a stable asset class with solid triple bottom line returns with our projects specifically.


“As a private lender, Smart Growth made the investment process very straightforward. We made a solid return on the loan made to purchase the property and complete the renovation. They used a title company to prepare all the documentation needed to secure our investment against the property to give us the security we desired. We were particularly interested in putting our capital towards a project that was in alignment with our values like sustainability. Our intention is to be a repeat investor after this experience.”

– Andrea Hamilton, Private Lender


Developer Partners

Our acquisition efforts produce a variety of investment and development opportunities across the spectrum of project types. Depending on our strategy, we will consider assigning the purchase contract we have secured to a developer to take on the project either outright or in partnership with us. We are constantly building our list of buyers for these sorts of deals so please provide your information to stay in touch.

For larger-scale projects that we entitle, we often times look for ways to contribute them into synergistic joint venture partnerships with more experienced developers especially those with strong financials and construction expertise. Please reach out for more information about exploring these sorts of partnerships with our firm.

Partner benefits:

  • Deals secured off market directly from sellers to assign
  • Entitled development opportunities to build out
  • Experience structuring synergistic partnerships
  • Creative deal structuring capabilities
  • Strong financial modeling expertise
  • Relationships with local professionals and city officials

Types of Partners:

  • Investors
  • Developers
  • Contractors
  • Property Owners

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Chris Porto and his company Smart Growth as a business partner on a mid-rise development project in Oakland, CA. I appreciate the passion for innovation and sustainable development that Chris brings and his attention to financial details throughout the process.”

– Carlos Plazola, CEO, BuildZig