The Rise of the Smart Home is Coming

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A smart home is a home incorporated with advanced home automation systems and green technology to provide the household with optimum performance. Its features and functionality can be monitored and controlled remotely by mobile devices or computer. With an increase in the internet of things, the rise of the smart home is coming faster than ever.

Smart Home Automation

If you skim through the history of the Bay Area real estate market, you will find that home automation technology has been around for a few decades but with minimal adoption. Back in the 1970s, only a handful of houses were equipped with programmable automatic lighting, motion detectors, and video cameras. With the availability of new, affordable technology in the market, and better real estate services, the trend of automated technology has shifted its course to become a more widely adopted feature. More households are becoming tech savvy thanks to the universal ownership of mobile devices by a large percentage of the world.

Due to wireless connections such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, components of home automation systems can be easily integrated throughout the home without any wiring. Simple applications on mobile devices or on the panels installed inside the home are used to control every function from security systems to lighting, and everything in between.

Apart from technology the other reason that has led to the rise of smart homes are its benefits. The main one being, smart homes tend to be sustainable homes. Many of these high performing homes utilize renewable energy to perform its tasks. In addition, smart homes typically have more energy efficiency. For example, when rooms can be heated or cooled based on the number of individuals present at a given moment and lights get automatically turned off in empty rooms, electricity bills are likely to go down. Some devices are also capable of tracking the amount of energy used by each appliance and commanding power hogs to use less energy.

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