Our Projects

Smaller scale development is core to our business. We redevelop and build spec single-family residences for sale in up-and-coming urban neighborhoods, adding incremental value to those areas. Using smart growth and green building principles, we add significant value to existing properties and to emerging communities within an existing fabric.
Multi-family residential properties in urban environments are a primary focus of our company. We seek value-add investments in existing apartment buildings and opportunistic developments in the multifamily space such as co-living arrangements. These are typically “develop and hold” projects for long-term cash flow and appreciation potential. We look to incorporate high efficiency upgrades that minimize the environmental footprint and subsequently lower the operating costs of the building for improved financial performance. Our target properties are located close to public transportation and other amenities to encourage walkability.
In line with our vision for smart growth, mixed-use projects are the core focus of our company’s development activities. Our signature projects will be mixed-use residential apartment or for-sale buildings with ground floor retail in urban markets located along transit corridors. We look to develop mid-rise projects using wood frame over podium type construction to maximize the and build as close to net zero in terms of energy, water and waste as possible given the constraints. Beyond providing a variety of housing types and host of common amenities for residents, these projects endeavor to activate and complete streetscapes for the community at large. We also seek value add investment opportunities in the mixed-use space such as ground floor commercial revitalization or work-live conversions in existing properties.

Mixed Use
Multi Family
Single Family

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